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Proposals have to be one of my favorite things. I don’t shoot them often, but when I do, it’s always so lovely to share in the warm fuzzies of a truly special day!

Christian told Kelli they were going to take photos in her favorite place (Oxford) to commemorate their first anniversary. Meanwhile, I had no idea and was hiding in the bushes. #macguyver It all worked and WOW what cute shots did I get?!

You can see the pure joy radiating off their faces the entire time we took photos. Honestly, I love engagement sessions, but proposals really capture the happiness of a marriage to come. Also, BONUS points for bringing the dog!!

“We first met in December 2017 at Christian’s college best friend’s wedding in which he was the best man. The groom’s mother has known me my whole life (her son and I went to high school together) and had her sights set on Christian for me for years. She would joke about setting us up to my mom for years. So, the wedding came, and there she was introducing us right on the dance floor. Fast forward 3 months, we had our first real ‘date’ and the rest is history. We knew from that night that there was something very special happening.” -Kelli 

“The proposal was a well executed plan in which I had no idea of. We were in town to celebrate our first anniversary. Oxford is my favorite place in the world.” -Kelli

“Luckily, it was an occasion or having a photographer there would have given it all away. It was the perfect night and we couldn’t be happier together.” -Kelli 

Kelli & Christian congratulations on your engagement! Thank you so much for allowing me the joy of being the first to know! I am so excited for you guys to have a beautiful life together! – Ann-Marie

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