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Our studio believes every love story is unique and beautiful. This belief creates a connection with each of our clients, forging lasting relationships with them. 

On your wedding day, we capture a combination of amazing, emotional images from a photojournalistic point of view as well as traditional portraits to provide a
holistic narrative.

Meet your team

"It's an honor to lead a team of artists to capture weddings and portraits that express both beauty and truth."

Ann-Marie Wyatt

Ann-Marie is the founder and principal photographer at Taylor Square Photography. Her personal experience with over 300 weddings makes her an expert in capturing images that highlight love, family, and fellowship. 

Her work, marked by truth and beauty, combines the reverence of photojournalism with the artistry of editorial photography.

On weekdays, she can be found in the studio along with her team of associates, all working to provide beautiful images with a soulful narrative.

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At Taylor Square Photography, we’re committed to telling stories as spirited as you are. 

Every story makes a difference. Let’s get to know each other.

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