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Leading up to Lily and Ben’s wedding was not only 100% chance of rain in the forecast, but severe storms for the entire day. We hoped and prayed that the rains would hold out and we could get some pretty outdoor spring photos. Luckily, we were able to capture some beautiful portraits of the bridal party before the heavens opened up! We had so much fun working with this crew. The family and friends were all so wonderful and the Powerhouse reception was a blast!

“I kept things traditional and did something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. My something new was my wedding dress. My something old, borrowed and blue were a bit more special. I am named after my maternal, great, great grandmother, Lillian. My something borrowed and something blue were all wrapped into one with a blue ring that was lent to be my grandmother that used to belong to Lillian. My favorite thing though was my something old. My mom surprised me that day and had Lillian’s locket that she received on her wedding day from her husband tied onto my bouquet and just made it so special and so meaningful.” -Lily

“I can remember when I was 10 years old watching “Father of the Bride” for the first time and forever engraving in my head that I need my very own Frank wedding planner, haha. I loved how in the movie it was so special that they had the wedding at her parent’s home, so I loved so much that we were able to take pictures at my parent’s house before the wedding. I love having that meaningful aspect shine through in our photos.” –Lily

“My friends always joke with me and say that I will forever be “relationship goals” with mine and Ben’s story of how we met, haha… It was the first home football game of the season, so you can imagine the heat and amount of melting that had gone on to everyone during that day… I, however, had to miss the game because of work. So when I met all my friends out that day I was fresh faced and ready to take on the night at the Library! I am a huge fan of the Mustache Band and love to dance with my girlfriends, but had never been the type of person to give random guys the opportunity to dance with me. I still to this day don’t know why or how Ben convinced me into a dance, but he came struting up and stuck his hand out to me with this sly smile and we proceeded to swing dance and talk for the next 2 hours, non-stop. Still don’t know what made me fall for his smooth moves, but so glad he came waltzing into my life that night!” –Lily

“I was probably THE most difficult person to propose to on the planet, LOL. Ben is in the sales industry, so a lot of what his job consists of is taking clients out to dinner. It was a Thursday night and Ben had told me he had some customers coming in town and that he needed me to tag along for a nice dinner. I complained, and complained, and complained for days to Ben, my friends, everybody, about having to go on this client dinner all the way up until an hour before the dinner. Once we got downtown, Ben said he wanted to take a selfie with downtown in the background to send over to his co-worker. Right as he went to get his phone out of his pocket I saw that it was indeed not a phone, but a ring box and he got down on one knee and popped the question. I felt terrible later about all of my complaining, but he got me good!” –Lily

“One of my mom’s friend had asked me how I was doing with things one day and could see the stress on my face. She told me a quick story about how she had gone to a wedding a few years ago and that the message the minister said during the ceremony was to remember that this was a day of celebration. It wasn’t a day for stress or anger for things not going exactly as planned, but that it was a day for celebrating. Planning can be stressful, but remembering the celebration aspect is what helps keep you sane!” –Lily

“Having all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us just made the wedding day so much more special and even more of a celebration for us!” -Lily

“I always knew for my wedding that I wanted a timeless, elegant feel. When it came time to start thinking about colors for my wedding, I somehow kept coming back to this idea of all-white. I mentioned the thought of all white to a couple of friends and they looked at me like I had four heads when I said even the bridesmaids would wear white. I think it all turned out so beautiful and so elegant with a timeless feel, and the all-white together was breathtaking!” -Lily

“Every single one of my vendors was so much more than I could have ever dreamed. From the food, to the flowers, to the rentals, to the pictures, to the band, everything was done by such an incredible Dream Team!” –Lily

While it is so fun to see old friends and family at the wedding and spend time chatting, I highly recommend making a point to go and dance and enjoy yourself. It all comes back to the concept that this is a day of celebration and joy, so go and dance and enjoy yourself! Put your phones away and live in the moment because those are the ones you will remember the most after the whirlwind of it all settles. And that’s when Ann Marie captures the best shots too.” -Lily

“I am a huge Taco Bell fan, so having late night Taco Bell at the wedding for everyone was a must! I even snuck a taco party box to-go on the getaway car for when I got home.” –Lily

Dress: Willow Bride in Tupelo | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: Thomas Brothers | Cakes: The Cakery | Venue: The Powerhouse | Coordinator: Claire Kiamie of One Fine Day Events | Flowers: Oxford Floral | Invitations: Kara Giles and calligraphy by Beth Hunt | Rentals: Details Rental | Music/Band: City Mix | Rehearsal Venue: The Graduate | Caterer: A&N Catering | Hair: Rod Henson and Jacqueline Silsbe | Makeup: Rivers Countiss (@rivers_makeup) and Mary Shields Hunter (@makeupbymshields) | Preparation Accommodations: Yant Family Home and The Chancellor’s House

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