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Erin and Mason’s love story is similar to something you hear often in Mississippi.  An Ole Miss girl and a Mississippi State boy fall in love.  But isn’t that what they say?  Opposites attract?  These two are so in love, there must be something to say for it!  

“I have been dreaming of a wedding since I can remember. I had been watching wedding videos for years and even had several pinterest boards dedicated to flowers, rings, cakes, dresses, decor, etc. However, when I began wedding planning, I had no idea what I wanted. Where did I want it? What colors should I use? What kind of dress do I want? My mind was blank! So, we didn’t actually plan a single thing until 4 months after we got engaged!” –Erin

“Staying true to the Millennials that we are, we met via FaceTime in early spring of 2012. Mason was in military training for the Navy in San Antonio, TX and he had face timed one of our mutual friends, Meg Duncan. She was unable to come to the phone, so I answered for her. Mason and I started chatting, eventually became friends on facebook, and finally exchanging phone numbers in August of 2012. Many Skype dates later, we officially met in September 2012 when Mason was on leave from another training in California and made the trip to Oxford, MS to come to the first football game of the year. It wasn’t until several months later did I realize how significant this was, an avid MSU fan missing the first game of the season to come to an Ole Miss game!” -Erin

“After sticking with me through a 9 month deployment, I knew that it was time to start planning to ask Erin to spend the rest of our lives together. Erin was trying to figure out where she wanted to complete her Masters for Speech Language Pathology and I was trying to figure out how to ask her to marry me. After getting my great grandmother’s ring fixed up, I came up with a plan that would take out any possibility of Erin knowing it was going to happen. I took her ring shopping and afterwards took her to out to meet friends, or so she thought. We were walking to dinner, when I took her by the hand and got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. There was no dinner planned, but a surprise party was waiting at Erin’s mom’s house. We were so excited to tell everyone the good news that we beat all of our friends and family who were supposed to be surprising her!’ -Mason

Ashley Daniels of Twisted Twig in Oxford, Mississippi did the floral decor.  She took Erin’s ideas of springtime flowers and a beautiful color palette come to life.

Erin and Mason kept with Southern tradition and “buried the bourbon” for their wedding day.  Southern folklore says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and groom are to be married it won’t rain on their wedding day.  I will say in this instance, it worked!  The rain held off until their exit! 

“There are so many things that made our wedding specials, the first being having all of our closest friends and family under one roof, I come from a huge family and they live all around the country so it was very special to be able to have  my mom’s side and my dad’s side come together. The same thing goes for our friends- they are all strewn about the country so it was very special that they were all in one place together! the second thing that made our wedding so special, was that my uncle was the one who officiated it. I had always wanted him to marry me when I got older so it was very special that he was able to do so, especially because he lives in Africa.” -Erin

“Every single one of my vendors were incredible!!  From the delicious and beautiful cake, to the super fun band, the beautiful decorations, the amazing food, the perfect ceremony music, the creative videographer, the super talented (& patient) photographer, the fun photobooth, and of course Kristin Panetta at Elle James who provided my dress, veil, and earrings.  EVERYONE WAS AMAZING!  It was incredible to see the way that everything came together so seamlessly and that could not have been done without our superwoman of a wedding planner- Claire Kiamie!!  She literally was trucking it out all day long- getting left behind rings and herding cats (wedding party lol), making sure everyone was where they need to be at the right time, while in a boot/cast!! She had an injured foot and was running laps around people! She’s incredible!” -Erin

“I wouldn’t say that I had just one single inspiration for our wedding design. I knew that I wanted to have a fun, relaxed, colorful wedding to reflect our personalities!  I am obsessed with wedding videos, and I have been watching them ever since youtube was first a thing! One of my favorite wedding videos, is titled “Wildflower” – (SERIOUSLY WATCH IT YOU WILL SOB) and it is the proposal story of Bonnie Kate Zoghbi, (she is a survivor of the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting)  and my flower inspiration came from her wedding. The rest of the design was from a collaboration of instagram accounts (Show Me Your Mumu Weddings, Weddingwire, The Knot, etc) and many, many, many wedding videos that I’ve seen.” -Erin

While the rain was pouring outside, Mike Rob and the 601 Band was cranking it up inside.  The bride and groom danced with family and friends all night long.  We got some super fun shots thanks to the party favors provided by One Fine Day Events.

Dress: Martina LianaElle James Bridal | Veil: Sara Gabriel | Earrings: Sara Gabriel | Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your MumuTuxGeneration TuxCakes: Patricia Farrish | Venue: The Chapel @ Plein Air/The Mill  | Coordinator: One Fine Day- Claire Kiamie | Crest: Tori Applewhite Flowers: Twisted Twig- Ashley HillInvitations: Ann Toy GathingsRentals: Details Specialty Rentals  | Music/Band: Mike Rob & the 601 BandCeremony music: The Earthy Tones String Ensemble | Rehearsal Venue: Taylor GroceryVideographer: Snap Happy Productions- Camilla BuoniCaterer: A & N CateringHair: Bride-Laken RegisterBridesmaids Jessica MathiasMakeup: Bride- Laken Register  | BridesmaidsJessica MathiasPreparation AccommodationsThe Southern Living House




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