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Gah, talk about all the feels for our first wedding of 2018!  It’s always hard getting back into the swing of things after having a few weeks off, but this one was totally worth all the sore muscles!  Amelia and Christopher’s wedding was absolutely the best way to kick off such a great upcoming year.  

I think the thing that stands out to me the most when working different weddings is the family dynamics. Christopher and Amelia’s families were no different.  They are so very loved by all their family and you could see it at any given moment all weekend.  Both of them are blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful, loving family and friends.  


The rehearsal dinner was designed by Russell and Ruthie Events, of Memphis, Tennessee.  It was hosted at the Old Dominick Distillery and catered by River Oaks Restaurant.

“I never had anything set in my mind for a wedding as a child but I wanted a fairy tale- and that’s exactly what the wedding night was. I felt like a princess in a fairy tale. I would relive that night one million times and not be sick of it.”  – Amelia when asked about her dream wedding

“We met at my sister’s wedding. Christopher is a lifelong best friend of my sister’s husband, and he was a groomsman in their wedding. Although the timing wasn’t right at that moment, that next Christmas was the next time he was in town. He asked Taylor, my sister’s husband, for my number. We went on a date to Young Avenue Deli and the rest is history!” – Amelia

“Although we weren’t technically dating after our first date, the connection was so strong all we wanted to do was be with each other. I felt like I had known him for years. Our best personal characteristics are so different that we both realized instantly we worked very well together. He is what I’m not and I am what he’s not.” –Amelia on love at first sight

“The bridemaids, my mom, his mom, and myself we so hungry right before the ceremony we got 6 bags of Back Yard Burger and ate every bite of it!! That was awesome- eating BYB in my wedding dress, I can’t imagine anything more me.” 

I must admit.  Shooting this ceremony was such a challenge.  I was asked to stay in the back of the church with the doors closed during the ceremony.  I knew how much capturing the ceremony meant to Amelia, so I was forced to get creative.  I shot the entire ceremony through a crack in the bottom where the doors met.  It was so difficult, but I am pretty amazed at my MacGyver skills!  

Because Christopher is a Marine, Amelia and Christopher decided to include Christopher’s friends for a formal Marine exit.  It was such a lovely touch to end a beautiful ceremony.

Garden District helped me pick the beautiful Amnesia Rose that we based a lot of decisions around. Aside from that, the flowers, lighting, ambience, everything they created was a masterpiece. I truly do not know how they do it.”  

The event design was by the talented, Mona Dulap of Mona Dunlap Events.  She turned the University Club of Memphis tennis courts into a winter wonderland with the help of White Door Events and Garden District Memphis.

 “Mona.Freaking.Dunalp. I’m speechless. Her attention to detail and knowledge of wedding planning is unparalleled. She made my wedding visions come to life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed!”

Infinity Show Band– wow wow wow, I think everyone had so much fun dancing with them. They sang the best songs and were amazing. Their version of our first dance might have been better than the original!”

Amelia and Christopher kicked the party of right with a grand brass entrance and tossing of Mardi Gras beads.  The guests loved it.

“I want to thank my parents and his parents for the most amazing wedding weekend we could’ve never dreamed of. It was beyond perfect. We are so blessed to have such loving and generous parents.” – Amelia

Thank you Amelia and Christopher for choosing us to share such a special day!  We had so much fun working with you and your families and now you are part of ours.  We wish much love and happiness on your marriage!  – Ann-Marie

Rehearsal dinner: Russell and Ruthie Events, Old Dominick Distillery and catering by River Oaks Restaurant | Ceremony: Idlewild Church | Dress: Maggie Louise Bridal | Makeup: Kendrick Simpson | Rentals: White Door Events | Flowers: The Garden District | Band: Infinity Show Band Cake: The Flour Garden | Venue: University Club of Memphis | Event Design and Planning: Mona Dunlap Events


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