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As the school year continues to fly by, we are loving our time spent working with our local high school seniors. Their senior year has looked a little different than they probably always imagined that it would, but each of them has had an optimistic outlook and seems to be soaking up every second of their time left in high school. It is so fun to hear what plans they have for their futures, and we are incredibly grateful that we get to help document such a special time in their lives.

Caroline was such a joy to work with. She is so chill and works the camera like a true model! We had a great afternoon together bouncing around Oxford, and we absolutely love how the photos turned out!

“My favorite memory from high school is recent, but it brings me the most joy. I have loved/love going to football games with my friends and cheering on the team. Dressing in the themes, yelling as loud as we can, and hanging out with everyone is what builds good high school memories. I’m blessed to have amazing friends who will go with me every Friday to cheer on the Chargers!” – Caroline

“This sounds cliche, but the best advice I can offer to anyone is to stop worrying about what other people think about you. Don’t worry about how many friends you have or how many likes you get on a post. If you like something that is different, then keep on liking that thing. I promise nobody is paying attention to the small things you are worrying about. It is not worth wasting away your high school years on that.” – Caroline

“After graduation, I plan to attend the University of Mississippi to pursue an education in psychology. I’m glad I get to be near family while in a place I love for the next four years or more!” – Caroline

“I am most excited about meeting new people in college and rushing! I am excited to meet girls who I can come to whenever I need someone to talk to. I can’t wait to meet people who are from different places and build new friendships.” – Caroline

“I don’t have a definitive plan at the moment, but I am hoping to major in either Forensic Psychology or Criminal Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I’ve always been very interested in studying why people do what they do and how certain people’s brains work. I would love to work in courtrooms helping with cases or finding reasons for certain behavior patterns.” – Caroline

Photographer: Mackenzie Rue

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