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Grace Ann and Bryant’s wedding day was nothing short of perfection. These two had to make some major adjustments to their original wedding day plans due to COVID-19, but we truly don’t think it could have been any better than it was. Shooting in the new Castle Hill Chapel was an absolute dream, and we love how these photos turned out! Take a scroll to see some pictures from a beautiful day spent celebrating the union of Grace Ann and Bryant at Castle Hill of Oxford.

“I can remember as a little girl wondering what my wedding day would be like. My mom even has a picture of me in a wedding dress that I would always wear while playing dress-up. As I got older, I often thought about when and if I would get married and what qualities my groom would have. In my wildest dreams, I could have never imagined I would end up marrying someone as perfect for me as Bryant.” – Grace Ann

“Bryant and I are both from Corinth, a small town in northeast Mississippi. We went to school together from second through twelfth grade; however, we never really ran in the same circle. It was not until our senior year of high school that we had a few classes together and quickly became close friends. Bryant and I were friends the entire school year, and he even asked me to go to the Christmas dance with him. And much to everyone (especially my mom’s) surprise, we were honestly just going as friends and had a great time! Bryant then began having feelings for me afterward, and I was completely unaware that he was starting to think of me as more than a friend for the next two months! He, very nervously, told me that he would like to be more than ‘good friends’ and asked what I thought about the idea. I was completely blown away and shocked because he was my best ‘guy friend,’ and I did not see it coming at all! I quickly started to see him differently as well, and we never missed a beat during the transition of going from best friends to dating. It was and has always been so easy for us because we began as such close friends and our relationship had that strong foundation from the beginning.” – Grace Ann

“Bryant and I had always discussed possibly getting engaged after I finished my one-year nursing program, and he was finished with his first year of law school at Ole Miss in 2019. Much to my surprise, Bryant had a different plan in mind. He wanted to propose while we were still in college, right before graduation, when all of our closest friends were still in Oxford before going their separate ways. Bryant went home in March to ask my parents for their blessing to propose and to pick out the ring with his parents. On May 5, 2018, Bryant told me that he wanted to have a nice dinner on the square to celebrate our four years of college and all the memories we made. It just so happened to be the same night that one of my best friends, Carrie, got engaged, which I knew was happening later that evening. It turns out that Carrie knew I was getting engaged that day too. So, I was excited about Carrie’s engagement, and she was excited about mine, which turned out to be perfect as neither of us were expecting to get engaged that day! Bryant worked it out perfectly so that we were walking past our church on the square to go to the restaurant. We always stop and look at how beautiful it is, and this time, he suggested that we take a shortcut and walk up the brick pathway through the courtyard of the church. I still had no idea that anything was happening, because I just thought that Bryant was feeling sentimental about the past four years we shared in Oxford, at Ole Miss, and going to ‘our church.’ It was not until he asked me to stand on the steps of our church that I thought something might be happening. He made the most beautiful speech from the heart about the love that we share for each other and for God and how I make him want to be the best he can be every day and never wants to imagine life without me. I had no idea that he had arranged for my brother to be hiding in the bushes at the church videoing and had a friend taking pictures of the proposal. Suddenly, he pulls out the most beautiful ring as we are standing on the steps of the church that is so special to us and have gone to together for the four years of college. It was a dream! I was in so much shock, and little did I know that he had something amazing planned for us afterward also. He led me down this path at a house near the square and would not tell me where we were going. Much to my surprise, he had planned an engagement party in a beautiful backyard where all of our closest friends and families were waiting to celebrate us! It was the most incredible and surprising day, and I could not have imagined a better way to start our engagement.” – Grace Ann

“We decided to get married at ‘our church,’ First Presbyterian, in Oxford, and have our reception at Castle Hill, where we loved attending events throughout college. However, due to unforeseen obstacles from COVID-19, we made the difficult decision to move our ceremony to the newly built, beautiful chapel at Castle Hill. We still wanted to find a way to incorporate our church that is so special to us. We grew together as a couple in this church. We grew closer to God in this church. And we officially began our love story and journey to our wedding day on the steps of this church. We were granted permission to have our first look in the church’s sanctuary with just the photographers and us. Although we never planned to have a first look, we realized it would be so special to share the moment of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day in the sanctuary of where we had always planned to get married. Bryant and I wrote each other letters and exchanged them during our first look, which made for such a sentimental memory that we will cherish forever. After our first look, our reverend, David Randolph, met us in the sanctuary and had an intimate prayer with us and over our marriage before the craziness of the day truly began. It was so meaningful to take a second, slow down, and stand at the altar of our church in prayer with my soon-to-be husband. Bryant and I both agree that the decision to share this moment in our church turned out to be our favorite part of the day, and we would not have had that moment if it were not as a result of COVID-19.” – Grace Ann

“I am a very traditional bride, and whenever anyone asked me what I had in mind for things, I would always go back to feminine, classic, and romantic designs. Of course, I had to include the bridal traditions of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ on my special day. My “’something old’ was a piece of lace from my mother’s wedding gown wrapped around the stems of my bouquet. My aunts gifted me a white linen handkerchief, which I carried with me down the aisle, as my ‘something new’ (because everyone knows I am a crier). I borrowed my maternal grandmother’s wedding Bible that she carried on her wedding day, sixty-seven years ago, and held as I walked down the aisle. Lastly, my ‘something blue’ was the sentimental embroidery on my linen handkerchief that read my new, married name in light blue stitching.” – Grace Ann

“I could not have asked for better vendors that incorporated such special touches to make the perfect wedding day for us. One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was imagining the dress I would wear. I chose Maggie Louise Bridal in Collierville, Tennessee, and I could not have picked a better boutique. Before my appointment, they contacted me to talk one-on-one, truly wanting to know what I liked and who I am. They genuinely care about each bride individually and make you feel as if you are their only client. I went with my mom, two aunts, and my little cousin, not knowing what to expect, and they made us feel like royalty. Of course, the dress I had in mind was nothing like the dress I chose, which I found very common! They helped me, a new bride navigating her way through the many decisions, figure out exactly what I wanted in the easiest way. From the time we walked in, we had so much fun! Everyone at Maggie Louise was precious and incredibly helpful. They were patient and genuinely observed what I was feeling and thinking with every dress I tried. I cannot imagine a better experience!

I have always loved flowers, and I was blown away when I saw the magical bouquets and arrangements that Elizabeth Spencer Designs of Corinth created. Anna and Laura took the colors I had in mind and ‘soft flower’ look I wanted, and they created something more beautiful than I can put into words.

The day itself went off without a hitch. So many of my bridesmaids came to me and said, ‘this is the easiest, most fun I have ever had getting ready for a wedding.’ It was so true, and this was largely due to Marley and Savannah from House of Whit. They created such beautiful hair and makeup on each of my bridesmaids, my mom, Bryant’s mom and grandmother, and myself. They had everything all in place when we arrived that morning. It was so easygoing, and they were so sweet! They had the perfect touch and made each person feel comfortable. They created glamorous looks while staying true to each person’s personality and asking everyone what they liked or didn’t like. From my bridal look to my 11-year-old junior bridesmaid, they knew exactly what to do to make us feel special and look our best.

We had the best time getting ready at Castle Hill with Marley and Savannah! They had music playing, fans going, and we were laughing the entire time. Looking back, I am so glad that we decided to get married at Castle Hill. I could not imagine a better place than Castle Hill to have my family stay, get ready with my best friends, marry the love of my life, and have a wonderful reception full of dancing until the minute we left. Jean and Emily at Castle Hill are so sweet, accommodating, and professional.

There was absolutely no stress on Bryant, our friends, families or even me on our wedding day thanks to our incredible vendors! From dancing the night away to The Party Jammers at the reception to riding off in a vintage, white Rolls Royce from Myers’ Rolls Royce, our wedding day was everything we could have hoped and even more.

Although we were not getting married at our beautiful church, we still wanted it to be part of our wedding story. As a wedding gift, we were given a custom watercolor painting of the church, and United Print of Corinth created such a unique wedding invitation for us! Jimmy Mitchell created dozens of drafts and was so patient with us to design a beautiful and meaningful invitation and wedding program.

Of course, possibly the most important of all was our amazing photography team! Ann-Marie and Mackenzie with Taylor Square Photography were like superheroes the entire day! They were so much fun to work with and had so much energy. They knew exactly how to capture our big day without missing a single detail. They went above and beyond to create special pictures that we now have to enjoy for the rest of our lives. Ann-Marie was so talented at directing us to get the perfect shots, and she has such a creative eye! We are incredibly pleased with our wedding photos, and I am so thankful for Taylor Square Photography! Now we have these special memories, frozen in time, for us to cherish forever.” – Grace Ann

“The best advice I received as a bride was to fully take everything in on the wedding day. Before the big day, multiple people told me to be sure I took a moment to step back, look around, and breathe it all in throughout the day. It is so true that the day flies by in an instant, and I am so thankful that I stopped, slowed my mind amid all the crazy emotions I was feeling and took it all in. That is definitely my advice to any bride. Stop and remember how you feel, where you are standing, and see those surrounding you, who are there to celebrate this momentous time in your life and shower you with love. Take moments throughout the day to stop and take it all in and realize how blessed you are to be at this place in your life, sharing this day with everyone that matters most as you marry the love of your life and begin your next big chapter.” – Grace Ann

Lead Photographer: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Second Shooter: Mackenzie Rue | Videographer: Dear Little Films | Dress: Maggie Louise Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Ballew Bridal and Formal Salon | Rings: Little’s Jewelers | Hair + Makeup: House of Whit | First Look Location: First Presbyterian Church of Oxford | Rehearsal Venue: Castle Hill | Venue: Castle Hill | Caterer: Castle Hill | Planner: Emily Burton | Officiant: Reverend J. David Randolph | Wedding Cake: Lisa Whitehead | Groom’s Cake: West Side BBQ & Cakes | Flowers: Elizabeth Spencer Designs | Rentals: Details Rentals | Invitations: United Print Services of Corinth | Ceremony Music: Dr. Robert Riggs’ String Trio | Band: The Party Jammers | Getaway Car: Myer’s Rolls Royce

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