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I met Lizzie a few years ago when I had the opportunity to photograph her sister, Kimberly’s wedding. The whole Sansing family is so wonderful to work with, and you can tell family is extremely important to all of them. Fast forward a few years later, and Lizzie is marrying the sweetest man she could have ever found, Sterling. It is such an honor for me to work with families repeatedly over the years. I have formed some amazing bonds that I truly treasure. — Ann-Marie

“Some of the funniest things that happened all weekend were during the toasts at the rehearsal dinner. Sterling’s bothers had really funny memories of them fighting when they were little, even a story about them fighting in a hotel in the Holy Land. My Uncle Reed had a hilarious toast of a made up story about me, but had everyone fooled until the punch line at the end. Everyone who shared stories kept us laughing all night.” – Lizzie

“Our scripture reader, Lexie, held a Bible that my grandmother used in her wedding. It carried handkerchiefs from both of my paternal great-grandmothers. My sister let me wear her veil, which was such a sweet and meaningful part of the day. Sterling and all of his groomsmen wore handkerchiefs, which is a big tradition in the Eaves family.” – Lizzie

“Sterling and I grew up in different towns in Mississippi and had a mutual friend in high school, but we really got to know each other on a study abroad trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy the summer after our sophomore year of college. It was an absolute dream of a place to get to know someone. We ended up staying an extra week after the program ended to continue traveling around Italy together.” – Lizzie

“Sterling planned the sweetest proposal. He told me we were going to a nice dinner, but right before he was going to pick me up he called and said he needed to get something from my grandparent’s house and to meet him there before dinner. When I walked in my grandparent’s door, I was met by Grandad, Grandmom, my dad and my mom. My dad handed me a sweet heartfelt letter from Sterling that, at the end, said ‘come outside.’ I walked out back and there was Sterling. It was raining that night, so he set up a grove tent and some pretty string lights underneath. After he proposed, my family came outside (including my aunt who had been hiding in the back with my sister on FaceTime since she couldn’t be there in person). After, we met more of our family and some of our friends at Taylor Grocery (a sentimental place for my family). It all showed how well Sterling knows me to be able to make it one of the most meaningful days.” – Lizzie

“Lizzie was lovely, whimsical, natural, and not afraid at all to try new things. She and Julia worked on the styling and she was open to fun textures such as kale, pods, and berries in the design. She was more interested in marrying the love of her life and did not get bogged down in the details of planning. Her interactions with her mom were lovely and quite heart warming as they valued and respected one another’s ideas and passions.” -Wendy Putt,Fresh Cut Catering & Floral

“The most special part of our wedding is thinking about how beautifully marriage represents the Gospel. We loved being able to celebrate this with our friends and family all together in one place. Now, looking back on the wedding, it means even more having had almost my whole side of the family together. Less than a week after the wedding, my grandfather passed away. The memories we shared together with him that weekend are some of our last and, at least for me, some of the best. Sterling’s Aunt Tiff sang a beautiful rendition of one of our favorite songs (His Mercy is More) and almost brought the whole room to tears.” – Lizzie

“Ann-Marie with Taylor Square Photography went above and beyond to get the best possible pictures. At one point, we were outside trying to see if the ground was left dry enough to walk to the opposite side of a barn on the Jefferson’s property. We look up and Ann-Marie is up to her shins in mud. It was so bad she had to change shoes and leave the others on the side of the road. This didn’t stop her for even a second though! We were back to taking pictures and not five minutes later she stepped in the biggest ant bed. She was the best!” -Lizzie

“Fresh Cut absolutely blew me away with the floral arrangements. I’ve truly never seen an idea take shape as perfectly as the ideas we shared in their office about what I dreamed the flowers would be like. Also, their food was the best. I’ve had so many people tell me they just kept going back for more because it was so good!” – Lizzie

“I was shocked at how calm and at peace I felt throughout the entire day. I assumed I would feel stressed or like I needed to be running around doing something, but I never felt like that a single time that day. My mom, Anna, Margie and Kelly (with the Jefferson) had a huge hand in making sure the day ran smoothly. They were the ones running around for me so I didn’t have to.” -Lizzie

“The best advice I got was from two of my cousins at the rehearsal dinner. They suggested to slow down and really look at everything and notice all the little details of the day. Also, I had countless people throughout the whole process remind me that it wasn’t about the hundreds of details that go into the big day. The most important thing of it all is that at the end of the day Sterling and I would be married, which was SO helpful to remind myself when things got busy or stressful.” – Lizzie

“My advice for other brides would be what so many people told me. The point of the wedding isn’t all the details (even though they can be really fun). The point is that you’re making a covenant with and before God to someone who you are choosing to love for the rest of your life. Through the bad days, the good days, and the best days – not just for one big day.” – Lizzie

Second Shooter: Mackenzie Rue | Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu Bridesmaids | Tux: Joseph A. Banks | Cakes: Sweet T’s Bakery | Venue: The Jefferson Oxford | Coordinator: Anna Purvis | Flowers: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral | Invitations: Kristen Ley | Rentals: Details | Music/Band: Mike Rob and the 601 Band | Rehearsal Venue: Big Truck Theatre ; Kendall Poole Event Planning | Caterer: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral | Hair: La Rousse | Makeup: La Rousse | Accommodations: Taylor Inn, The Graduate


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