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Rachel and Brad’s June wedding weekend began on a Friday night at the Dixon, a beloved Memphis venue marked by thick greenery and lush florals. There, they exchanged vows and hosted an intimate seated dinner.

Saturday’s festivities took place at The Peabody and ended with a rooftop celebration. The weekend’s decor reflected the scope of Rachel’s grace and femininity — her love for all things soft and pink. The best part of the weekend, though, was witnessing her abundant friendship with Brad and their clear appreciation for their friends and family.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness, Rachel and Brad! — Ann-Marie

“We met through a mutual friend— he was friends with my college friend’s older siblings. She set us up on a true blind date- I was naturally late for our first date and he was picking me up.. so he waited at the bar downstairs for me and I had to ask him what color shirt he had on before I walked in. It’s the only blind date I had ever been on and we hit it off. It was fun meeting someone and learning about them from a true fresh beginning.” – Rachel

“We were traveling in between Spokane, Washington to Whitefish, Montana. We had just done this long mountain bike ride and it started storming and hailed on us for the last 2 miles. Needless to say, we were exhausted and did not finish our drive to Whitefish that night. We found an air bib on a ranch and he proposed while the sunset was happening. He had initially planned to do it the following morning on a hike at Glacier National Park, but said he couldn’t resist the sunset that night. We celebrated at a nearby truck stop because we were in the middle of nowhere  (yes, truck stop haha.) with huckleberry pancakes. It was extremely sweet and just us!”– Rachel

“I wanted a small ceremony and initially wanted to elope, but Brad and I kept adding to our list of who was coming to our elopement because we couldn’t picture getting married without so many loved ones.. We eventually decided to do a small ceremony in Memphis on a Friday, followed by a reception Saturday night.” – Rachel

“My father passed away suddenly when I was 17 – him not waking me down the aisle is something that has sat heavy with me since he passed so my uncle took the honor of walking me down the aisle and it meant the world. We walked down to Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” in his honor (I grew up with him playing me Elvis on the guitar). Another favorite of the weekend was having so many loved ones together in the same place. I’ve had so much support from my family and so many friends and their families throughout my life—having them all together with Brad’s family  could keep me smiling forever.” – Rachel

“It’s to relive this moment over in my head: Uncle John and I were tucked away behind some trees at the Dixon about to walk down. He took my arm and the string quartet started playing Elvis. Mallory, my wedding planner, was fixing my dress and I said “Oh my god I think my nerves are hitting me” or something along those lines. She handed me my bouquet which had a photo of my father and some stitching with Brad’s parents wedding date and my parents wedding date on it. She said “your dad is here with you” and sent me on my way. We started walking and turned around the trees and immediately saw everyone at the ceremony standing including Brad and I got happy tears. I think it was the slowest, most surreal moment of the weekend.” – Rachel

“Brad is easily the most steady and reliable person I know. He makes me laugh and loves to have fun more than I do (which is saying a lot). His energy keeps me going.” – Rachel

“[Our relationship is] fun, on the go, loving, comfortable.” – Rachel

“My wedding planners did 99% of everything. They know I love pink and girly stuff— they also planned my 30th birthday party a year prior. I told them to tone down the girly for the wedding, and they nailed the design. It was classical, clean, floral, Memphis, and just enough pink all wrapped in one.” – Rachel

“I was pleasantly surprised at my calmness the whole wedding weekend. I was very much just letting things fall into place and didn’t stress one bit which was unexpected of me. I had amazing planners, vendors, family, and guests who made this happen. Brad and I didn’t do a first look, so walking down the aisle was my first and only nervousness for the weekend— but I think those were just the butterflies.”– Rachel

“I made all of my friends wake up the Saturday morning of the reception and do a rooftop  workout at the peabody… That in itself is pretty amusing because I didn’t even get a chance to say no. I’m big on endorphins so I knew a workout to start the day would start it off on the right foot.” – Rachel

“My niece and sister stood by my side quite literally the whole weekend and I couldn’t have done it without them. They made it more special than they could ever know. I didn’t do formal bridesmaids, but all of my close friends were honorary bridesmaids and wore pink. They worked out with me on the rooftop the morning of the ceremony and were troopers about it. These girls are more like family and celebrated me so well all weekend.” – Rachel

“My wedding planners killed it!! They did everything from making sure the wedding went flawlessly (and it did), to making sure my family got checked in to the hotel, and making sure Brad and I were fed the whole weekend. Can’t brag on them enough. I want to plan something else just because I miss chatting with them!” – Rachel

“I would do my wedding weekend over and over and over again. There is never a time we will get to have that many family members, friends, support groups from all walks of life in one room together. Brad and I getting married was my favorite moment, but having that love around us was a close second.” – Rachel

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