Layton Lawhead | Oxford High School Senior



To say that working with Layton was a dream would be an understatement. As soon as I met her she told me that she was super stoked for our shoot because she has seen every single episode of America’s Next Top Model ever filmed and loves everything about it. All I have to say is that if watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model teaches you to work the camera like Layton Lawhead did, I am about to start Season 1 Episode 1 tonight.

This girl absolutely dominated the camera, and radiated the most effortlessly genuine and confident energy. Her natural soft, giggly personality shone throughout this entire session. She is such a beautiful soul inside and out, and it was a true pleasure to shoot her senior portraits.


“My favorite memory from high school was for sure the pep rallies before big football games! Getting to  hype up the team and the students before the game was so fun! I loved getting to do a big hip hop routine in front of the students and getting a big reaction!” – Layton

“One piece of advice that I would tell any incoming freshman would definitely be to be friends with everyone! Obviously having your core group is super important and I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with the best friends ever! But for sure being friendly to as many people as you can made high school so much fun because by my senior year I felt like I kind of had gotten to know everyone! I also can’t just do one thing! I would also say to get involved as much as you can because it goes by SO fast and it’s important to make the most of your four years. Being involved in my school made my high school years so great and I know I’ll look back on them fondly and and all the sweet memories they held.” – Layton

“I really don’t like to sit still so I try and keep myself pretty busy, sometimes too busy! I am a part of the Christ Presbyterian Youth Group, Oxford High School dance team, Oxford Elite dance competition team, Oxford High School Broadcast senior editor and I help produce digital performances for Oxford High School theater.” – Layton

“The day after graduation me and pretty much my whole grade are going on a beach trip so I’m really excited for that! Kind of a last hurrah as Chargers! This summer I’m planning on keeping myself super busy! I can’t wait to get out in the sunshine after being cooped up for a year!” – Layton

“My session was SO FUN! Mackenzie did such a great job of making me feel so comfortable and made the overall experience so enjoyable! It was like being on America’s Next Top Model but Mackenzie was way nicer than Tyra! Definitely telling all my junior friends to get their portraits done by Taylor Square Photography and I’ll definitely be back to do round two of senior portraits in four years!” – Layton

“I’ve been a Rebel since I was little, so I’m super pumped to be going to Ole Miss next year! I plan on majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Film Production. I guess the big goal is to produce a new or live TV program one day (Fingers crossed)!” – Layton

“I’m so pumped to meet new people! I love getting to visit with people and talk their ear off!! I’ve lived in Oxford almost my whole life and I’m so excited to see a whole new side of it!” – Layton

Photographer: Mackenzie Rue

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