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Cary and Jordan’s wedding was nothing short of perfection. The love that Cary and Jordan have for each other, and for their families, was so evident and special to witness. Like most 2020 couples, Cary and Jordan had to go with their Plan B option due to COVID. Mona Dunlap and all of the other incredible vendors put their heads together and created the most amazing Plan B we have ever seen. This entire day was beautiful, and such a joy to be a part of. We wish Cary and Jordan a lifetime of happiness!

“Working with the Cowart family was wonderful! experience. Lawrence and I seem to understand each other on a creative level, and while I listened to what she dreamed of for this wedding, she trusted us to design it. She and her daughter, Catherine, were teamed up very well to make this wonderful wedding suite happen for Cary and Jordan…who live out of town.

We were honored to work with both the Cowart family and Mona Dunlap on this beautiful wedding.” Dixie with Menage Stationery

“Jordan and I met on Hinge, a dating app, actually! We matched and had our first date at a cocktail bar in Dallas, TX a few days later. You can often go in to these types of blind dates skeptical, but we had mutual friends that I knew well. He was sweet, handsome, had a Texas accent, and was running his first marathon soon, so I was attracted immediately. The rest was history.” – Cary

“I had just flown back to Dallas after Christmas in Memphis, and on one of our dates, Jordan bluntly said ‘I don’t know how this works, but I have to tell you that I don’t want to see anyone else.’ I quickly responded that I felt the same and here we are! We didn’t waste any time! One benefit of online dating is you often meet people that know what they want and are ready for the next step. There is nothing more attractive in a guy!” – Cary

“Jordan told me we were going to the club to have dinner with his brother Travis and wife Katie. The club was in the middle of redoing the golf course and his brother had not seen the updates yet. If you know Jordan, you know his passion (more like obsession) with golf, so it wasn’t surprising to me that he wanted to drive his brother around the course before dinner. We hopped in 2 golf carts to start the tour. Around hole 6, Katie said she had to use the restroom, which made sense because was about 8 months pregnant. I was, however, a little concerned because the bathroom on the course was a complete dump since it was under construction. Jordan and I drove ahead because he said the best view on the course was just up the path and you can overlook the city of Fort Worth. It was breathtaking! So, naturally, I said I had to pull my phone out to get a picture. When I turned back around to get my phone, I see Jordan on one knee. I was in complete shock! Travis and Katie rode up behind taking pictures. The bathroom stop was a great ploy to be our engagement photographers. I wanted to immediately call my family but Jordan suggested I wait until we get back to the clubhouse. When we walked inside, both of our entire families were there ready to celebrate. It was truly the most intimate, special engagement!” – Cary

“We got engaged during the pandemic and married during the pandemic, so I knew there would be surprises. Jordan and I knew though that no matter what was going on in the world during that time that if it’s just me and him at the altar, that’s OK. We were lucky to have as many family and friends join in the fun as we did, and I am just forever grateful for that.” – Cary

“It was simply special to have my wedding at my childhood home with my family and closest friends. Especially during the crazy times we got married, we were lucky to have our closest people with us in such an intimate, memorable setting. It was fun watching the tent being put up the week before. My two boys now and nephew and niece would go out in the tent and play football and tag in the open area. It was just an amazing experience to watch it all come together at home.” – Cary

“I always had the dream of having my wedding at home, just like in Father of the Bride. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. I grew up in this house, and it was so special to be able to marry the man of my dreams in the place I became who I am.” – Cary

“The fall season was my inspiration. I love crisp, clean neutral colors but did not want all white. I also owe the majority of the design and fabulous taste to my mom. She has impeccable taste and I leaned on her and our incredible Memphis vendors for the majority of the design.” – Cary

“As the wedding planner and designer, this, as most weddings during this ‘COVID’ year, was the ‘Plan B.’ But, when I first came to the Cowart residence , I was thrilled with their beautiful home and how we could transition the pool area, gardens, and rear yard into a warm, fall, exciting celebration area. The Cowart’s were thrilled and very open to my vision for the spaces both inside and outside the home. Working with Amerispan tents, White Door, and Garden District, we came together and created the perfect warm, inviting reception site to celebrate the ‘Woolf’s.’ This year has been very ‘COVID’ challenging, but I have found that celebrations are sweeter and it certainly was this Thanksgiving weekend at the Cowart home.” – Mona Dunlap with Mona Dunlap Events

“Every vendor was amazing. Rod Henson has done my hair since I was twelve, so it was SO special to have him on my wedding day. He was the first person I asked. The wedding cake by Cakes by Mom and Me was the best I have ever had! I am not being biased when I say that. We had two flavors: spice cake and butter pecan to fit the fall season and I had people texting me the next day about it. There were no leftovers! Elizabeth Heiskell who did the catering is the most fun, energetic person out there, and Jordan still cannot stop talking about her mac and cheese, and he’s a mac and cheese snob! Garden District nailed it with the flowers, per usual. Greg and his team never disappoint, and my mom and I always trust his elegant taste, so that part was super easy to plan! Lastly, and certainly not least, Dixie saved the wedding season during the invitation planning. She was the easiest person to work with, had the best classic ideas and took so much weight off of mom and me as we planned during these crazy times.” – Cary

“The best advice I received was don’t sweat the details and have fun. The night goes by so quickly and simply enjoy your husband, family and friends.” – Cary

“The best advice I have for future brides is to simply relax and have fun!” – Cary

Lead Photographer: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Second Shooter: Mackenzie Rue | Dress: Warren Barron | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: Men’s Wearhouse | Cakes: Cakes by Mom and Me LLC | Venue: Private Residence | Coordinator: Mona Dunlap | Flowers: Garden District | Invitations: Menage Fine Stationary & Gifts | Rentals: White Door Events | Band: Az Izz | Rehearsal Venue: Memphis Country Club | Videographer: Dear Little Films | Caterer: Elizabeth Heiskell | Hair: Rod Henson | Makeup: Alicia George

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