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When I met with Adrienne and her mom, Kathy, in the Peabody Hotel lobby back in February, I knew this wedding was going to be nothing short of amazing. Corona Virus came and went, but their excitement for this day never faded.

Max and Adrienne, your relationship is something that most people struggle to find. You guys are so blessed to have such an amazing family that supports you and loves you wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for inviting us in and being so much fun to work with.

– Ann-Marie

“Max and I always knew who the other was since we were the same age, but we didn’t get to know each other until after college. I moved home from Auburn and started spending time with new friend groups, and we became connected through mutual friends. The first time we really spent time together (before dating) was riding home from the lake, and I snagged his number from a friend to ask him what song he played on the way back. I was making sneaky sneaky plays.” – Adrienne

“The night my best friend got engaged, I was feeling my singleness, and Max was really the only person that had continued to pop in my head lately as someone I’d love to get to know. So, that night, I (possibly with some liquid encouragement) texted him that ‘a girl in black leather pants (referring to myself) has a red carpet rolled out for you to come downtown and hang with us’…. he didn’t show! I crawled in a hole and wanted to die and swore never to be spontaneous or forward again. The next week he asked me to get a beer at Wiseacre, and the rest was history. Not the smoothest start, but hey, it’s our start, and I love that. Guys can be clueless. We gotta roll the red carpet out for them sometimes to catch a hint.” – Adrienne

“Right before COVID shenanigans, the last week of February 2020, my girlfriends and I had a dinner planned downtown. Allie, my MOH, came to pick me up, and we wanted to stop by my parents for a drink first so she could see them. I walk in, and my favorite song is on- Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd. I picked up on the song and noticed my mom getting emotional…they walked me into the backyard, and there were Max and my pup, Koda waiting on me. I was completely shocked and so so happy.” – Adrienne

“One special aspect of the day was that it was my dad’s birthday. I adore my dad and find his heart to be one of the best hearts there is. He loves and supports his people so well, and I have gotten an extra ounce of that love being his only daughter. When I was little, he used to call the house phone and ask for me, then request a date night. We had a picture of one of those nights out with him walking me to the car in my best dress. For the wedding day and first look, I gave him his birthday gift: that picture as a painting. He held my hand as a little girl afraid of going anywhere alone, held my hand during heartaches I thought would never get better, held my hand for a college drop off that absolutely terrified me, and held it through so much of the in-betweens. It felt particularly special to have those memories in mind while he walked me down the aisle, a walk so special with the man who helped me learn how to find my walking legs in the first place.” – Adrienne

“Wearing a blusher veil that was my sister-in-law’s was one tradition that I incorporated into my wedding day. I was a little nervous about it looking too formal, but I do think it helped me have some privacy behind it walking down the aisle! Also, my dad used to play the Bill Withers’ song ‘Lovely Day’ every morning for us as kids to set the tone for the day. Max and I chose that as our 1st dance song as a surprise to him. I think it was a success.” – Adrienne

“To brag on Max, he taught me to live in the moment instead of ‘what’s next’ all the time, and he consistently helped me with body image and security issues that felt like would be a permanent part of myself. He often has to slow me down, grab my shoulders, make sure I’m listening to him (really listening) to bring me back to myself when I feel overwhelmed, or am around a lot of people. It’s a continual practice, being present and okay with imperfection, and I have to bring myself back to that mindset often when I get caught up. I was able to use that mindset throughout the entire wedding weekend process: to stop, slow down, look around, embrace, absorb, and not jump ahead to worrying about the next thing, next place to be, next day’s events, etc. I am just so very grateful he has shown me how to live more in the now, and I had that training under my belt going into the weekend. I can thankfully say that I was ALL there for the whole wedding weekend…mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually…without the loud insecurity voices talking at me trying to distract me from the precious moments I was in.” – Adrienne

“When I think of any advice I have to give future brides, simple things come to mind: turn off your phone, drink plenty of water, eat really well so you don’t get light-headed and can stay in the moment, get your beauty sleep but also don’t stress too much if it’s less than normal because your adrenaline will keep you going. More deep advice: drop the idea of perfection or comparison you have in your mind. Let it be you and your grooms’ unique day for you both. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy,’ and I would hate any of that joy to be taken away on your wedding day.” – Adrienne

“My two favorite parts from the wedding day: First, seeing Adrienne coming down the aisle. My heart filled with joy, and felt an uncontrollable sense of happiness. It was honestly one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Secondly, was seeing Adrienne and her father share the father/daughter dance. At this point, I could really take a step back and savor the moment. I was able to view the entire audience and look at how happy everyone was. Another note is Adrienne’s mom, Kathy Albertine, played a crucial role in putting on the entire wedding. She was absolutely amazing, and it would not have been near the same without her help.” – Max

“In the strangest way, COVID made our wedding special. The last eight months of 2020 were so hard for everyone. I realized how much I had taken for granted the simplicity of human connection, seeing smiles, dancing, celebrating, etc. We made a switch to have the wedding in the backyard (my little girl dream) because of covid, which made it all the more nostalgic and intimate. Then going into a weekend with such gratitude for health, happiness & human connection (that otherwise I may still have been taking for granted), made my heart full to the brim.” – Adrienne

“I was the youngest of four with three older brothers, so I was always more of a tomboy and didn’t think about what a wedding would be like until my oldest brother married my now sister-in-law. The wedding was in my parents’ backyard at the time, and the one thing I took away from that was how amazing it was to have all your favorite people in your home, in their best dress, and on the dance floor. I danced the night away that night and hoped the same for my future wedding.” – Adrienne

“The backyard for the reception was absolutely stunning. It felt like a wedding venue in and of itself. All the credit to Mona, Taylor Square Photography, Deedra Stone’s flowers, White Door Events, Elizabeth Heiskell, and especially SoulSations made it into a backyard fairytale wedding. The band stood out big time because it had been so long since live music, and they kept us going on the dance floor all three sets.” – Adrienne

“Someone shared with me, ‘The wedding is about YOU and YOUR GROOM. Don’t sweat trying to make sure everyone has a good time. Make sure to stay near to each other and squeeze each other’s hand as a reminder to soak it in.’ I think that was the best advice I received as a bride.” – Adrienne

“To reiterate what Adrienne said, the most important thing I took away from the entire process was living in the moment. It is a once in a lifetime event, and you must try to cherish each and every moment…even the stressful parts. The actual wedding day especially can fly by, so my best piece of advice is to take a step back and try to have some thoughts for yourself.” – Max

Mona Dunlap is an absolute all-star. She had it all under control and had an energy about her that made you put your trust in her so that you can kick back to enjoy it. Taylor Square Photography also- We wanted photos done quickly after the ceremony so we could embrace every second of the reception. Ann-Marie managed to not only get the photos, but she made them beautiful and feel genuine. Nothing felt forced. It felt like Max and me and all my loved ones without any staging/stiff energy. SOULSATIONS! What a group. Amazing energy, playlist, and finishing with Whitney Houston?! I still don’t have my voice back.” – Adrienne

Lead Photographer: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Second Shooter: Alex Sage | Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Cakes: Baked by Lane | Venue: Bride’s Home | Coordinator: Mona Dunlap Events | Flowers: Deedra Stone Designs | Invitations: Menage Stationery | Rentals: White Door Events | Band: SoulSations | Rehearsal Venue: Chickasaw Country Club | Ceremony Venue: Independent Presbyterian Church | Caterer: Elizabeth Heiskell | Hair: Tiffany from Glo Medical Aesthetics | Makeup: Kendrick Simpson

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