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I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot Olivia and Daniel’s engagement photos, so I knew that I was getting to work with two beautiful people that had mad chemistry. What I didn’t know was how much raw emotion and pure love I was going to get to capture throughout this wedding day. Olivia and Daniel are so effortlessly in love with each other, and their friends and families truly adore them. It was an honor to be a part of such an incredibly special day. I hope that these photos portray it as beautifully as it was.

– Mackenzie

“I have always been infatuated with the idea of getting to love someone specifically made for me for the rest of my life, and I was so excited to proclaim our commitment to one another in front of our friends and family. I love any type of wedding movie or television show, and I can remember sketching my dream dress while watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ when I was in middle school. My vision has definitely evolved as I’ve grown up, but I always believed having a wedding, getting married, and becoming a wife were part of my life plan.” – Olivia

“Daniel and I met our sophomore year in college at Mississippi State University. My sorority’s first date party of the fall was approaching, and I needed a date. I had heard the fraternity BYX upheld the reputation of being great swing dancers, so I asked a close friend of mine if she knew of anyone that could be my date. She suggested I take her friend, Daniel, so we exchanged numbers and set a time to meet at McAlister’s the next week, where we talked for 3+ hours. I admit now I was hooked then.” – Olivia

“After I took Daniel to my sorority’s first date party of the fall, I quickly realized how much I loved hanging out with him. We started spending a lot of time together and soon became really close friends. I became friends with his closest friends, and we all ended up doing everything together. Months later, Daniel asked me to be his date for his fraternity’s formal in Nashville, TN, and on the night of the formal, he asked me to be his girlfriend while we danced to the song ‘My Girl.’“ – Olivia

“Last year, Daniel’s parents hosted a fundraiser for Cindy Hyde-Smith, where Daniel and I had the chance to meet some very significant people. Daniel and I had talked a lot about getting married around this point in time, and we had suggested that getting engaged during the first semester of our senior year of college matched well with getting married sometime in the summer. Daniel surprised me with the news that his parents were hosting another fundraiser for Tate Reeves, and we would be able to dress up this time and mingle instead of work like we had the year before. The Sunday of October 27th, it really was just like any other day. Daniel and I went to church, went to the Grill afterward for brunch, and then went our separate ways to get ready for the fundraiser that night. I am not excellent at being punctual because I take forever to get ready, so Daniel made it very clear that I needed to be ready by 4 pm, so we could help his mom set up for the event. Daniel came and picked me up at 4 pm like he promised he would, and we drove to his parent’s house. As we turned into his parents’ neighborhood, I noticed (and questioned) why two people were playing in the trees. Daniel tried to play it off, but as soon as we took the turn where those two people had been, I knew it was happening. Daniel parked his car, came to open my door, and asked if I would take a walk with him. There were rose petals everywhere, and multiple pictures of us throughout the years were hanging on the trees. Daniel had asked someone to video and take photos of our day, and everything was just so special. He got down on one knee, and it was the easiest and fastest ‘YES’ I have ever said. A LOT of pictures later, we arrived at Daniel’s parents’ house, where all of our friends and family were waiting for us! It was a day I never saw coming but will remember for the rest of my life.” – Olivia

“Due to COVID-19, we were among the many other couples who had to face wedding planning during a pandemic. Because several of our family members have underlying health conditions, we had to significantly shift our initial dreams of what we wanted our wedding to be. We had to decrease our guest list by over half of what we originally planned for, which was incredibly heartbreaking. Daniel and I experienced several moments of grief, sadness, and extreme stress during our engagement because we wanted everyone there, but with the conditions of the world, we knew it was the right decision. We certainly realized that not everything goes as planned through the obstacles we faced, but we gained a sense of appreciation because we now had the chance to fully connect with our closest friends and family. With our wedding being on a much smaller scale, the atmosphere just felt so intimate and full of love, and that’s what I had wanted all along. We were able to celebrate with our grandparents (Daniel’s even flew in from North Dakota), we honored the ones that are no longer with us, and we danced the night away with the people that have loved on us and prayed for us since the very beginning. Some may even say that COVID-19 was our blessing in disguise.” – Olivia

“Within our 2+ years of dating, Daniel and I had split for about a month to truly figure out if this is what we both wanted for the rest of our lives. It was right after our junior year had ended, and even though it almost killed me emotionally, I am so thankful for the growth it caused between us. No relationship is ever perfect, but God revealed to us that we were meant to be together, and so I pray our wedding day truly showcased that we didn’t get there on our own. It was all because of Jesus.“ – Olivia

“I wanted several different inspirations to come to life for my wedding design. Our venue added a hint of Southern, rustic, outdoor charm with the outdoor chapel, bridal bunkhouse, and hanging light fixtures. I wanted my decorations and flowers to add elegance, romance, and whimsical vibes with a pop of color and fun. The outdoor chapel had beautiful draping throughout with white flowers on the wooden cross, flower petals down the aisle, and the greenery of nature surrounding it. At the reception, the decorations were just out of this world and better than I had ever imagined. The boxwood walls around my wedding cake, the masterpiece of the champagne table, and the balloon arch with the black and white checkered dance floor were just magical. My vision came to life in the most perfect way, and I don’t think I will ever be over it all.” – Olivia

“Ever since Daniel and I first started dating, we have teased each other about how I am the more emotional one in the relationship. I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry at everything (movies, television shows, Golden Buzzer moments, literally anything). Daniel complements me with being more controlled, levelheaded, and good about keeping his emotions held inside. Leading up to the wedding, I always wondered how Daniel would react to our first look and to me walking down the aisle to meet him at the altar. We both thought he would be easily contained, but boy were we wrong! Our first look was so intimate and special, and Daniel was full of emotion, surprise, joy, and giddiness- with a few tears. But, when I walked down the aisle to him, Daniel was full-on sobbing. It truly blew me away (and him) that he showed so much emotion, but it made my heart leap knowing Daniel’s heart was on full display, and it showed how ready he was to marry me.” – Olivia

“Daniel and I included the unity candle in our ceremony to signify our commitment to each other and the blessings our parents gave us. I also had a gold locket with two pictures of my late grandfathers and my parents on their wedding day, and I wore my sister’s veil to feel a sense of closeness to her.” – Olivia

“Due to our world’s current situation, my wedding day didn’t play out how I had initially planned, but I believe it was even better. It was smaller, more intimate, it focused heavily on the love Daniel and I share, and Jesus’ light truly shone brightly all day long. It even rained for just a little bit, but I hear that calls for good luck in a marriage, so I was all for it. Despite all of the changes made, my wedding day played out exactly how it was supposed to. I spent much-needed quality time with my closest friends and family and married the man of my dreams! I was the happiest girl in the world, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, perfect day.” – Olivia

All of my vendors used for the ceremony and reception exceeded every expectation I had for my special day. Maggie Louise Bridal Boutique made finding my wedding dress an absolute dream, and I even gained some special friends in the process. Techniques Event Rentals & Floral Design went above and beyond with all the beautiful flowers and decorations that made my venue feel (and look) like a popular magazine. Davis Designs MUA helped make my girls and I feel like the most beautiful girls in the world. The Dantones was the best band Daniel and I could’ve asked for and set the mood for our guests, and our family and friends are still raving about how fun it was. I cannot possibly go without bragging on my photographers and videographer! Sam Marino Videography Weddings and Events was so sweet, calm, and sure to capture the smallest details, and I cannot wait to see how our wedding video plays out! And you guys!!!! Goodness, I don’t even have to see my wedding pictures to know they will be exactly what I had envisioned and more! All of my vendors listed played such a vital role in making my special day the absolute best, and I will always be so grateful for the talent you all hold.” – Olivia

“The best advice I received as a bride was to take the time and make my engagement season and wedding day my own. I loved asking for added opinions because I am usually very indecisive and thrive off others’ help, but I wanted to be able to look back on this special time in my life and agree that it was all mine. People say this is a bride’s time to be selfish, and though I agree to an extent, I just believed it was my wedding day, so no one could truly capture what I wanted for my wedding day besides me.“ – Olivia

“My advice to other brides is to know that life isn’t perfect, so there is a chance that your wedding day may not happen exactly how you first envisioned, but to take heart. You are on your way to marry the man you’ve always dreamed of, so it isn’t necessarily about the wedding, but the marriage. Your wedding is only one day, but your marriage is a lifetime. This perspective helped Daniel and I exponentially because no matter what, God’s perfect covenant will shine as you two proclaim to choose each other forever, no matter what your wedding day may look like.” – Olivia

Lead Photographer: Mackenzie Rue | Second Shooter: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Brideside | Tux: Kay’s Kreations | Cakes: Karen’s Cake Shoppe | Venue: Kingfisher Lodge | Coordinator: Special Occasions by Denise | Flowers: Techniques Event Rentals & Floral Design | Invitations: Fresh Ink | Rentals: Details Rentals, Busylad Rent-all, and City Mercantile | Band: The Dantones | Rehearsal Venue: Kingfisher Lodge | Videographer: Sam Marino Videography | Caterer: Kingfisher Lodge | Hair: Davis Designs MUA | Programs & Welcome Sign: Flourish Paper |

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