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Thames and Ty are two of the most joyful people you would ever want to meet. The whole day, both of them featured a megawatt smile that was so contagious. It was such a great way to return to work in the mist of such crazy times. Thames and Ty, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph such a special day! I know you guys will have such a great marriage. Your excitement for each other is something special.

“My mom and I are the most Type A people on the planet, and managed to have the majority of this wedding planned a year in advance. We had been so proud of ourselves and said that there would be little things to do the few weeks leading up to the wedding, but we knew we would be so glad to have the big things done so far in advance. But then COVID came, and we ended up re-planning the entire wedding in just three weeks. Luckily, the majority of our vendors were either already located in Jackson or were willing to travel to Jackson. It was certainly a crazy time to plan a wedding, but I was blown away at how wonderfully it turned out. It may not have been the wedding we originally planned, but if I were to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing!” – Thames

“Ty and I knew each other through our involvement with Cru at Ole Miss. In the summer of  2017, we both went on a six-week trip to Rome, Italy with Cru. On the trip, neither of us really noticed the other; however, when we got back to Ole Miss in the fall, the group of students who had gone to Italy together would hang out often. It was then that we started to notice each other. We sat next to each other at the first football game that Fall and there was a clear connection immediately. We started going on dates, and finally, about six weeks later were officially dating after a well-planned date to Sardis Lake, complete with hot chocolate and a bonfire.” – Thames 

“We knew we wanted to get married; however, I was not graduating from Ole Miss until May 2020, and Ty would be moving to Jackson for medical school in August of 2018. Because of this, we knew we would have to wait to get married. Ty had always said he wanted a short engagement, however, I would always make sure he knew that I would need at least six months to plan a wedding. We also knew we wanted to get married at Paris Yates, the chapel on campus at Ole Miss where Cru met weekly (COVID changed these plans). I had told Ty this many times, but he would always just brush it off and say he knew, but continue to say that he wanted a short engagement. Fast forward to April of 2019. Ty was finishing up his first year of medical school and I was finishing my senior year before I would complete a fifth year at Ole Miss. My friends from Cru and I had planned to take senior pictures outside Paris Yates. They helped me pick out an outfit for pictures, that I didn’t really think went with theirs very well but they insisted I wear it. They picked me up and we drove over to Paris Yates. As we were driving over there I was mindlessly talking in the backseat about how I wanted to be wearing something ‘so fun’ when I got engaged, which was especially random because I didn’t talk about getting engaged much. As we walked from the car to Paris Yates I remember I was talking so much but my friends seemed oddly quiet. When we got to the bell tower I saw Ty and immediately knew what was happening. Why else would he have been in Oxford on a Monday afternoon when he had school the next morning? When I saw him I said some things I probably shouldn’t repeat, and somehow managed to walk up to him without having my legs give out because they were shaking so much. I remember telling Ty long before he proposed that he could propose with a ring pop, and as long as I was surprised I would say yes. He certainly pulled off the best surprise ever but did not get the short engagement he had hoped for!” – Thames

“Ty recorded a song for me and played it for me after our first look, right before we went to the wedding venue, which was so fun and special!” – Thames

“We would not have been able to have this wedding (literally) if it weren’t for Wendy and Julia Putt of Fresh Cut in Jackson. When the wedding was scheduled in Oxford, we planned to use them for the catering and flowers. I had been to many of their weddings and had always been blown away by their work. When everything started getting crazy in March, Wendy was kind enough to hold one of her venues in Jackson for us on our originally scheduled wedding date just in case the rules in Oxford happened to be more strict than they were in Jackson. On June 3rd (24 days before the wedding) we found out that the wedding would not be able to take place in Oxford. Wendy and Julia immediately jumped into action and assured us that everything we had planned for Oxford could happen in Jackson and could even be better. Wendy and Julia went above and beyond to make our day absolutely perfect and I don’t think there is any way we would have pulled this off without them.” – Thames

“Ty is good friends with Sam Mooney who did the music at both our ceremony and reception. One of Ty’s groomsmen had talked with Sam and said it would be fun if Ty sang a song with them at the reception. Just before the ceremony started, Sam shared the setlist with Ty and asked if he would want to sing one of the songs with them. Ty glanced over the setlist and found a song he knew to sing with them. It ended up being the last song of the night, and was such a fun surprise for me and a great way to end the reception!” – Thames

“If I had one piece of advice to give to brides, it would be: don’t plan a wedding during a global pandemic! Just kidding…sort of. But in all seriousness, I would say to trust the vendors you have chosen to do their job well and not stress about anything! It is such a fun day and there is no sense in stressing over the little things that won’t matter in the end!” – Thames

Lead Photographer: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Second Shooter: Maddie Beck | Dress: Bridal Path | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie | Tux: Tuxes Too | Cakes: That Special Touch | Venue: The Railroad District and The Fairview Inn | Coordinator: Crisler Boone | Flowers: Fresh Cut | Invitations: The Flower Tree| Rentals: Fresh Cut | Band: Sam Mooney | Rehearsal Venue: The Country Club of Jackson | Videographer: Revival House | Caterer: Fresh Cut | Hair + Makeup: The Tracy Branch Agency

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