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Jake and Shelby had a whirlwind romance that we loved being a part of! Jake surprised Shelby with a proposal in London, and then they celebrated with the perfect wedding at The Jefferson in Oxford, MS. This couple (and their doodles) were so much fun to work with. Shelby and Jake, we wish you both all of the happiness in the world!

“I grew up visiting my paternal grandmother and her sisters in California every summer. My mom and all four of them wore the same wedding dress! They decided after my older sister had kids to turn the dress into a christening gown since they thought none of us would want to wear it! We had part of the dress made into handkerchiefs, one for each of the sisters and one that I wrapped my bouquet with! It was very special to all of us!” – Shelby

“I had just moved to Oxford, and my friend Sami kept pestering me to go to this kickboxing gym with her to meet some other guy! After asking me every day for four months, I finally agreed to go with her. The guy she originally had planned for me to meet wasn’t going to work out, so I took matters into my own gloves, I guess you could say! It turns out Jake was just as much into me as I was him! Don’t let him lie to you…he did two-a-days for a while because he didn’t know if I would be at the 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock class! Although I still give him a hard time for not asking me for my number, he couldn’t find me on Facebook because he couldn’t spell Brohaugh, so he had to ask for help from the owners of HIT Fitness! We fell into the sliding into my DMs and snapchatting to start ‘dating’, which we laugh at now.” – Shelby

“Back at Christmas, Shelby asked me, ‘Hey, Jake want to go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game?’ Of course, I was game, so I asked, ‘Where? Boston or New York?’ Shelby said, ‘…..LONDON!’ She knew the only way to get me out of the country was to watch a baseball game in London. What she didn’t realize was that I was planning to propose while we were there! I knew I was going to ask Shelby to marry me in London but did not know where. A week before we left, we were talking about our trip, and all Shelby could talk about was the Tower Bridge, so I knew that was the place. Of course, I asked her during London’s hottest summer day at 88 degrees (ha). We had her convinced we were just going to take some pictures by the bridge. After she took a few pictures of her cousins, Shelby and I walked closer to the bridge, talked for a second, and then I asked her to marry me! I cannot, to this day, tell you what I said. I even had to ask her if she said yes!” – Jake

“My older sister, Beth, kept reminding me, ‘At the end of the day, you will be married to the one you love! Don’t worry about the small things because it will just be you and Jake married when it’s all said and done!’ That was some of the best advice I received.” – Shelby

“Being able to have our two Doods be in the wedding was by far the icing on the cake! I had just gotten Rylee (our white Doodle) right before I moved to Oxford! She was with me through meeting Jake and our love story! It took more convincing for me to introduce Rylee to Jake than it did for him to meet my parents- so she’s pretty special. I got Kobe while we were together, and that little Dood definitely tested our relationship a few times! You don’t know how much you love each other until you can get through your dog chewing a hole in the carpet or eating glass and having to have surgery! He was a handful at first, but now he completes our little family, and we loved having them be there for our big day!” – Shelby

“Family and friends did everything for our wedding! Jake’s dad built our altar, the centerpiece hanging in the Faulkner Room, and the stand behind our cake! My little sister, Hailey, taught herself how to create my two doodles out of clay for the wedding cake. She isn’t the creative one, so this was a HUGE accomplishment!! We had parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, and so many friends help with the decorating! It seriously couldn’t have come together without everyone!” – Shelby

“I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear half of the message Mr. Sam gave at the ceremony because I was so worried that Kobe was going to (in nicer words) use the bathroom on the alter!! Afterward, everyone kept asking how did we keep the dogs so well behaved up there, and I didn’t have the heart to tell them differently!” – Shelby

“My mom was the designer behind it all, and my father-in-law was the builder. They were the brains behind it all! We all joke now, saying they should go into business together! We saved it all and already have some people asking to use it.” – Shelby

“The best advice I have for future brides is just to ENJOY IT! Leading up to the wedding, I was so worried about the what-ifs that NEVER happened!! I should have been enjoying all it instead!” – Shelby

Lead Photographer: Ann-Marie Wyatt | Second Shooter: Mackenzie Rue | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal Path | Cakes: Family and Friends | Venue: The Jefferson | Coordinator: Corey Mize | Flowers: Ashley Drumheller | Rentals: Dana Brohaugh + Jimmy Mills | Band: Chris Gill and the Soleshakers | Rehearsal Venue: Taylor Grocery | Videographer: Lynn Productions | Caterer: My Michelle’s | Hair + Makeup: J Lauren & Co | Preparation Accommodations: The White House Oxford | Officiant: Mr. Sam Kelly | Rings: Van Atkins

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