Margaret + Tim | Stunning Backyard Polo Club Wedding



Margaret and Tim’s wedding was so beautiful. The day took place at Margaret’s family’s home-place, which is an operating polo field. It rained so much leading up to their wedding day, and unfortunately, I had the flu when the day came. It might have been the first time in 11 years that I was actually quite sick while shooting, but the photos turned out beautiful despite it all! Thank you, Margaret and Tim, for allowing us to capture your special day. It truly was stunning.

“Well, starting on Friday, it rained harder and heavier than I’ve ever seen it rain in Memphis — it was almost biblical (as Ann-Marie knows all too well); in a way that set the right tone for the weekend, you can’t control everything, and not everything will be perfect, but you’re surrounded by people who love you, so relax and enjoy it!” – Margaret

“Our good friends conspired and set us up. We both have very vague memories of possibly being at the same parties in high school – so our first date (dinner at Sweet Grass in Cooper-Young) was a ‘mostly blind’ date.” – Margaret

“We were out at my house, and it was the first day it hadn’t rained (seeing a theme here?) in what felt like months, so I suggested we go for a walk. Tim, knowing he was about to propose and trying to help me out, asked if I wanted to shower first — we’d just worked out AND bathed the dogs. After I rebuffed the idea of a shower, we headed out, and Tim proposed… there were no photos taken of me post-engagement for good reason.” – Margaret

“Early on, I talked with our wedding coordinator, Mona Dunlap, probably in maddeningly abstract terms about my vision for our home wedding – she got it right away! Our tent basically became an extension of our home, with greens and browns and soft fall tones – it was exactly what I was looking for, even if I couldn’t articulate it!” – Margaret

“I loved that our wedding was at our family home — and that we were able to add personal touches, from including our dogs, Stanley and Grace, in the procession to a Pronto-Pup stand (Tim’s one and only request) at the reception.” – Margaret

“My uncle Bill officiated; he married my parents and my brother, Oscar, and his wife, Jocelyn – it was really special to share that common thread in my ceremony.” – Margaret

“There are so, so many vendors I want to brag on – Taylor Square Photography for one – the day’s such a blur, I’m so glad I have the photos to encapsulate the day; Mona Dunlap is fantastic; Greg with the Garden District is a wizard! Nancy with River Oaks Grill; White Door; Maggie Louise bridal – especially Carolyn, who helped me find my dress in no time; Infinity Show Band; Chris and team with Southern Valet (especially given the weather card they were dealt); everyone at Stovall Design and Ellis Hill for the amazing stationery, napkins, coasters, and cups; Amerispan tents – we certainly tested the elements, and that thing held up! Kendrick Simpson (Makeup by Kendrick) and Allyson McLean (hair) – everyone to the person looked amazing… it seems like at every wedding there’s one ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ in the bunch with TOO much hair and makeup, but everyone looked natural and gorgeous.” – Margaret

Dress: Maggie Louise | Tux: James Davis | Cakes: Cakes by Mom & Me | Venue: Private Residence | Coordinator: Mona Dunlap | Flowers: Garden District | Invitations: Stovall | Rentals: White Door Events | Band: Infinity Showband | Rehearsal Venue: Memphis Hunt & Polo Club | Videographer: Jamie Hill, Five Hill Studio | Caterer: River Oaks Grill | Hair: Allyson McLean | Makeup: Kendrick Simpson

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