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Julie and Nico flew from New York City to celebrate their marriage at Memphis’s own Annesdale Mansion. Their classically romantic look was made modern through vibrant florals and pops of color.

What truly made their wedding special, though, were their friends and family. Nico’s Argentinian heritage and Julie’s southern culture (think: Elvis) made for an unforgettable and incredibly fun evening. Congrats, Nico and Julie! — Ann-Marie

“Growing up, I always thought I would have a destination wedding in an exotic locale. In fact, we tried to get married on a polo farm in Argentina (where Nico is from) in December 2021. We hired all the vendors for the wedding and had half-way paid for it; but in September 2021 when Argentina still had not opened its borders to Americans, we realized it just wasn’t feasible. We canceled the wedding; and luckily, got all of our money back. At that point, we started re-planning the wedding to be in the US and Memphis was the obvious choice. I grew up just outside of Memphis in Marion, AR and knew it would be an easy place for my friends and family to get to and an exciting place for Nico’s friends and family to visit. I’m glad I did because our wedding weekend could not have been more perfect.” – Julie

“Nico proposed in May 2020 over dinner in our NYC apartment. NYC was still very locked down then, and we really weren’t leaving our apartment to do anything because everything was still shut down. We’d spent two months in quarantine already, and I’d grown used to wearing athleisure all the time. One night, Nico declared it was going to be date night and suggested I change out of my Lululemons into something a bit nicer. I thought that was strange but got showered and dressed up. When I went into the living room, Nico had set out Italian food from one of our favorite restaurants, put the candle from our bedroom on the table and had a livestream of Florence, Italy playing on the tv. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He explained that he was going to propose in Florence on a trip to Italy we were supposed to take in April 2020; but when that got canceled, he decided to just go ahead with it in lockdown.” – Julie

“Our dog, Toro, was Nico’s best man. Nico’s nephew walked him down the aisle and held him on his leash along with the rings. We are so in love with Toro. We got him in June 2020 during a pretty scary time in the pandemic when we were locked down in NYC. He has been lifting our spirits since the day we got him and is the sweetest, most playful puppy. Toro was incorporated in details throughout our wedding, from our wedding crest to the cocktail napkins.” – Julie

“Instead of doing a bouquet toss, I actually saved my bouquets and took them to my grandmother’s grave the next day. I was incredibly close to my grandmother. She was able to attend our legal ceremony in 2020 joining us via Zoom from the Glenmary, but she unfortunately passed away before we could have a big wedding celebration. I wanted her to be a part of the day and knew she would have loved the flowers as she was a master gardener, who was always creating beautiful flower arrangements for her dinner parties and bridge clubs. I thought it was a fitting way to include her in the festivities.” – Julie

“Two of my closest friends, Sarada and Ivie, came to hang out with me at Annesdale before the ceremony. They calmed my nerves and shared a champagne toast before I walked down the aisle.” – Julie

“I was drawn to images of classically romantic weddings with a modern twist, and that’s exactly what we got. Our vendors did a great job interpreting that vision, and our wedding design was beyond anything I could have dreamed up on my own. It was so incredibly beautiful, like the classical whimsy of Midsummer Night’s Dream meets the shabby chic of Great Expectations meets the glam of Graceland.”– Julie

“My best friends from business school, college (in Argentina) and past jobs all came together for the first time and created an amazing vibe felt by everyone throughout the evening.” – Nico

“Julie is kind, caring, funny, and stylish. I love the sense of peace and love she can bring me that no one else in the world can provide. Above all, all of her friends and family recognize this ‘inner glow’ she has that few people do.” – Nico

“As my dad was walking me down the aisle, my left shoe came off! I was wearing these gorgeous, strappy Jimmy Choo heels and had noticed that the left ankle strap really needed one more hole to fasten snuggly. In wearing them around the house and during my dress fittings, the strap was loose but never came off so I didn’t think it would be an issue. Boy, was I wrong! I momentarily paused walking down the aisle as I thought about what to do: should I bend down and put my shoe back on in the middle of the aisle or just leave it? I decided just to leave the shoe and continue down the aisle barefoot on my tippy toes on my left foot. It made for a very memorable Cinderella moment.” – Julie

“Our wedding day was actually our 2 year legal wedding anniversary. We got married over Zoom on our patio in NYC a month after we got engaged in 2020, with a small group of family & friends watching. The reason we married so soon after we got engaged was because I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic like so many other people and needed to get on Nico’s health insurance to continue treatment for an autoimmune condition. When we were looking at available dates for our wedding celebration, June 25 was one of them. I thought it would be perfect to have the wedding day on the date of our two year anniversary, so we wouldn’t have to debate which anniversary date to celebrate.” – Julie

“I’m glad we were legally married beforehand because it really takes a lot of pressure off. You can just enjoy the sweet moments and party, instead of worrying about legal documents to sign.” – Julie

“Nico is one of the most compassionate, loving and caring individuals I have ever met. He truly adores his friends and family and will do anything for them. To top it all off, he has the best sense of humor, and I find myself laughing all the time around him.” – Julie

“[Our relationship is] fun, relaxing, and loving. We are synced in every possible way and agree on (almost!) everything.” – Nico

“[Our relationship is] laid-back and easygoing. Nico is my best friend and I trust him with everything.”– Julie

“Memphis has so many incredible vendors, but I especially want to brag on TCB Co. The flowers they produced were unbelievably gorgeous and were a huge part of the look and feel of the wedding. Anna Katherine Colomb, the owner of TCB Co., was able to translate the vision I presented in a way that enhanced the beauty of Annesdale. Cakes by Mom and Me also created a magnificent wedding cake that exactly matched the floral design on my dress, and Paradox Catering made some delicious food for both the cocktail hour and the reception. Of course, I couldn’t have found these vendors without my wonderful wedding planner, Sheril Greenstein. So many people commented on how good Sheril was at her job. In fact, our guests started calling her, ‘The Wedding Commander!’” – Julie

“Our first dance to Elvis’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ was one of the highlights of the evening. Although I was super nervous for weeks due to this daunting task, the execution was great and I’m sure our song choice was appreciated by Julie’s family given their relationship to the King.” – Nico

“Another funny moment was when my dad wore Elvis sunglasses with sideburns during the entire father/daughter dance. My dad is a huge Elvis fan and collector. He actually has the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia and personal items outside of Graceland. Elvis was a big part of my life growing up as my dad was always taking me to estate sales or to meet people that had Elvis artifacts. I wanted to incorporate Elvis into the wedding since he’s a Memphis icon and has been a big part of my life, so we had an Elvis statue guests could take selfies with next to the dancefloor as well as Elvis sunglasses with sideburns we passed out. Someone gave a pair to my dad just before the father/daughter dance, and I swear he did not take them off the rest of the night!” – Julie

“We met on a dance floor! Nico and I went to business school together at Wharton. He was a year younger than me, and I met him at one of the last parties of the year: a party hosted by the Russian student’s association that is known for over-serving attendees with vodka. It was late in the night, and I was dancing with my friends and this cute guy with gray hair came to ask me on a date. I gave him my number, and he walked off immediately and I honestly didn’t think I would hear from him again because I thought he’d be too drunk to remember. The next day I get a text from an unknown number asking me to dinner. I knew it was the guy from the night before, but I couldn’t remember his name so I saved his number in my phone as ‘Silver Fox.’ Before the date, I asked someone in his classes what his name was. 

Our relationship didn’t really get off to a great start. Nico made me split a pretty expensive bill on our first date, so it was a while before I wanted to go out with him again after that! However, eventually he won me over but I was about to graduate and move to Bentonville, AR to work. Nico asked me to be his girlfriend before I moved and came to visit me in Bentonville at least 1x/month for 2 years. Eventually, I moved to NYC to be with him and the rest is history.” – Julie

“The reception and wedding party were so fun. It was so nice to see Nico’s and my family and friends from all different stages of life getting to know each other and becoming friends themselves. The mix of cultures created for an incredibly high energy party, with Nico’s Latino friends bringing everyone on the dancefloor to dance to Reggaeton.” – Julie

Dress: Reem Acra | Cakes: Cakes by Mom and Me | Reception Venue: Annesdale | Coordinator: Sheril Greenstein | Flowers: TCB Florals + Design | Invitations: RSVP Stationers | Wedding Crest and Invitation Art: The Welcoming District | Rentals: White Door Events | Rehearsal Venue: Stax | Caterer: Paradox Catering | Hair: Melissa Simpson | Makeup: Kendrick Simpson | Preparation Accommodations: The Peabody

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